US Army and IT Veteran joins CAREier to Support Early Adopter Clients  

CAREier has announced James Henry as Project & Knowledge Manager, the innovative critical healthcare messaging firm announced today.  James Henry is a former Engagement Owner/Project Manager at Cerner which is one of the world’s largest Healthcare IT companies in the world.  As part of the CAREier team, James will be responsible for project and knowledge management initiatives as we begin our alpha site implementations.  

With over five years of Healthcare IT project management experience working for Cerner.  He also has 16 years of Army experience where he is currently the Company Commander for a Signal Unit. James brings crucial expertise to CAREier stemming from his information technology project management and Army knowledge management background.  

“James is an individual I have known for many years and someone I hold in very high regard,” says Ryan Bass Founder and CEO of CAREier.  “His attention to detail and experience across very regimented and regulated areas such as the US Army and Healthcare IT are an asset to any organization.  I’m very happy to be working with someone like James again!” 

“CAREier is a true innovator that fills an unmet need throughout the healthcare field. This positions CAREier for great growth and opportunity,” says James Henry.  “I am extremely excited about joining an organization that can make such a huge difference and excited to contribute my experience and skills to this mission.” 

About CAREier
No one should be harmed or die because of a medical intervention meant to save their life. Yet, every year thousands of people suffer needlessly due to a failure to communicate critical patient information across the entire healthcare ecosystem. A case in point is those who miss recall messages about medical devices implanted in their own bodies. Hospitals, providers, device manufacturers, and many others, as well as patients themselves all must contribute to deliver the message.  

CAREier’s mission and passion is facilitating the delivery of critical healthcare messages. By eliminating the archaic, manual processes in place today, CAREier closes a significant communications gap and supports comprehensive information exchange and collaboration among all healthcare constituents, improving patient safety and saving lives. CAREier leverages leading edge technology, proven processes, and an innovative perspective to create an ultra-reliable, modern communications system achieving one seemingly simple but challenging goal: immediate, reliable delivery of mission-critical healthcare messaging to enhance patient safety, patient care and better patient outcomes. 

Visit CAREier at  For additional information, contact Ryan Bass at (816) 810-1544,, CAREier Naples, FL 34109.