CAREier Announces Dylan Stocking Software Developer – Business Apprentice 

“Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed” Florida Gulf Coast University Student Joins CAREier 

Today CAREier has announced Dylan Stocking as a new software development intern. Dylan is a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University studying computer information systems with a focus in programming. At CAREier, Stocking will be tasked with building out and supporting the existing platform as well as completing new build for additional functionality. 

Dylan is an active member of the open-source community with 4 years of programming experience. He enjoys spending his free time contributing to open-source projects, improving his skills, and learning as much as he can. CAREier brings Dylan a new challenge to grow from and a way to contribute to a company that can truly make a difference. 

“CAREier is a true innovator that fills an important unmet need in healthcare, they are well positioning for rapid growth,” says Dylan.  “I am very excited about joining CAREier, I truly believe they can make a difference in the healthcare industry and I am looking forward to contributing my skills and experience and growing with the company.”

Ryan Bass, Founder and CEO of CAREier, states: “From the moment I met Dylan, through the Naples Accelerator, I could immediately sense his work ethic and knew there was a larger possible relationship as I outlined the CAREier platform to him. He has shown an abundance of can-do attitude and initiative since joining and I’m very excited to see what the future holds!” 

About CAREier
No one should be harmed or die because of a medical intervention meant to save their life. Yet, every year thousands of people suffer needlessly due to a failure to communicate critical patient information across the entire healthcare ecosystem. A case in point is those who miss recall messages about medical devices implanted in their own bodies. Hospitals, providers, device manufacturers and many others, as well as patients themselves all must contribute to deliver the message.  

CAREier’s mission–and passion–is facilitating the delivery of critical healthcare messages. By eliminating the archaic, manual processes in place today, CAREier closes a significant communications gap and supports comprehensive information exchange and collaboration among all healthcare constituents, improving patient safety and saving lives. CAREier leverages leading edge technology, proven processes, and an innovative perspective to create an ultra-reliable, modern communications system achieving one seemingly simple but challenging goal: immediate, reliable delivery of mission critical healthcare messaging to enhance patient care. With CAREier: Message sent. Message delivered. Every time. 





Visit CAREier at  For additional information, contact Ryan Bass at (816) 810-1544,, CAREier Naples, FL 34109.