Recognized Healthcare Innovator to Help Propel the Company’s Growth

CAREier, the critical healthcare messaging innovator, today named Cerner co-founder, healthcare technology expert and entrepreneur Paul Gorup to its advisory board.  Mr. Gorup will help guide the company’s product strategy and build on its growing success.

“A bullet-proof, consistently updated patient communications system that links all healthcare stakeholders—including medical device manufacturers—is essential to delivery of high quality care,” comments Mr. Gorup.  “I am extremely excited to contribute to a firm that provides a much-needed solution to a critical problem that has plagued healthcare for decades. I applaud the company’s initiative to better current standards of care and the talented and experienced team it has brought together to ensure its success. I look forward to being a part of this important initiative.”

As Cerner co-founder in 1979, Paul Gorup was instrumental in shaping the company and positioning it for rapid growth.  He played a pivotal role in developing Cerner’s first widely available product offering.  Later, as vice president of application data services, he launched Cerner’s data services business.  Today, that business line supports the complete outsourcing of client IT departments and operations.  Beginning in 2004 as chief of innovation, Gorup also launched and managed many of Cerner’s new business segments that have successfully supported clients in achieving the top quartile for high performance hospitals and healthcare systems in all categories.

An inveterate entrepreneur, Mr. Gorup left Cerner from 1987 to 1999 to co-found Broadcast Data Systems, which he helped to grow into one of the largest commercial electronic broadcast monitoring systems in the world.  The company was acquired by Nielsen in 1998.

Mr. Gorup was named to the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and as a Henry W. Bloch International Entrepreneur of the Year by the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Currently he is an independent consultant.

“Throughout my healthcare career, which I launched at Cerner, Paul Gorup has inspired me to develop and innovate,” comments Ryan Bass, CAREier CEO.  “As a co-founder of Cerner, Paul has immense experience in revolutionizing the healthcare IT space, particularly in his role as chief of innovation at Cerner.  Mr. Gorup will be able to provide unparalleled guidance to CAREier as we work together to revolutionize healthcare and streamline processes for providers, manufacturers, and patients alike.  I welcome him to the CAREier team.”

About CAREier
No one should be harmed or die because of a medical intervention meant to save their life. Yet, every year thousands of people suffer needlessly due to a failure to communicate critical patient information across the entire healthcare ecosystem. A case in point is those who miss mission-critical messages about medical devices implanted in their own bodies.

CAREier’s mission–and passion–is to facilitate the delivery of messages between hospitals, providers, device manufacturers, payors, regulators, and patients.  By eliminating the archaic, manual processes in place today, CAREier closes a significant communications gap and supports comprehensive information exchange and collaboration among all healthcare constituents, improving patient safety and saving lives. CAREier leverages leading edge technology, proven processes and an innovative perspective to create an ultra-reliable, modern communications system achieving one seemingly simple but challenging goal: immediate, reliable delivery of mission critical healthcare messaging to enhance patient care. With CAREier: Message sent. Message delivered. Every time.

Visit CAREier at  For additional information, contact Ryan Bass at (816) 810-1544,, CAREier Naples, FL 34109.