Bass Blog 2: The Moving Target of Innovation

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The beginning of innovation

Pushing into the entrepreneurship arena is one of the most challenging, eye-opening, and rewarding experiences so far in my life. To be successful, you must be steadfast in identifying and addressing a problem (Yes, an actual real-world problem) and packaging your solution to others who can validate your innovation and purchase your product. This entire process is one laden with unforeseen problems and hurdles, but I’ve never been a stranger to putting in the needed work. I grew up in a rural area in southeast Missouri and learned a hard day’s work associated with taking care of chickens, maintaining a large yard and the area around a lake, as well as taking care of the dogs and cats daily. My first paid job (minus the chores and having a roof over my head) was in construction, and though I wasn’t the best carpenter, I was highly effective in carrying bundles of shingles up a ladder. Those early lessons in work ethic and never quitting have been a cornerstone of my success regardless of if they have been in my professional career or associated with my athletic achievements.

Innovation is moving forward

The “hard work” as an entrepreneur, though it is objectively easier on your body, is taking feedback from those you get time with during your discovery and sales calls and learning how to continuously improve your offering. At CAREier we have continued to build upon those suggestions and have really put in a ton of work developing a one-stop shop for device communication and safety while consciously avoiding the temptation to create a new silo in the process. A recent conversation with a leading industry organization’s leadership led to the following introduction to an innovative and forward-thinking health system.

I’m introducing you to Ryan Bass and his associate Kara Pascarella.  I’ve worked with Ryan as part of the Learning UDI Community’s work on data standards adoption.   Ryan has started his own company and has developed some software like nothing I’ve seen.   Its design goes beyond using the UDI to improve the recall process and includes being able to connect recalled devices to the patient.  In addition, it includes numerous capabilities to enhance analytics and improve quality.

An industry leader in the adoption and improvement of UDI

Each of these steps build on one another and though they aren’t glamorous steps with hundreds of social media likes, they are the foundation of any successful company. Jeff Bezos didn’t start Amazon with millions of believers or subscribers to his service. Those came with time and all big companies have a similar line to success. One customer led to two, which led to three and so on. I’m overly excited for the coming months of CAREier and to promote those first customers that we are in conversation with as the standard of care for every healthcare organization in the US and beyond. Each early adopter will have an opportunity to not only reduce the manual burden and duplicative processes within their organization but will also have an influence at a power of magnitude on the growing population of patients who rely on and encounter medical devices. The adoption of innovation from these early organizations has a cascading impact around the world and CAREier is ready to get to work and continue to innovate!

About CAREier

CAREier is the healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) tool for medical devices facilitating better communication and outcomes. Led by healthcare regulatory expert, Ryan Bass, CAREier addresses the gap in current processes related to medical devices. Health systems are now required to be 2015 certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) compliant for their submission to Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use Stage 3) and the new requirements allow for a first of its kind process and solution.

CAREier’s mission–and passion–is to facilitate the delivery of messages between hospitals, providers, device manufacturers, payors, regulators, and patients – thus impacting lives and making the world a healthier place for all. For more information, visit us at or contact us at (202) 571-6164 or


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