CRM for Medical Devices Launched by CAREier

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Innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform is Facilitating Better Communication and Outcomes

CAREier today announced the launch of the medical device CRM tool facilitating better communication and outcomes for healthcare. CAREier’s revolutionary platform ensures important communications related to medical devices are not only sent and received, but also acknowledged by their intended recipient. Learn more about our innovative solution offering at

The adoption of CAREier’s unique CRM platform ensures standards of care are met for temporary devices, like Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters, where a University of Alabama Birmingham study found that 55.3% of patients were “Lost to Follow-Up.” Our application also automates, and streamlines recall procedures from the medical device manufacturer across the entire ecosystem and FINALLY includes the patient in the communication chain. Evidence of today’s failings are the Allergan breast implant recall where they lost 52,000 textured recalled devices, the recent Phillips CPAP/BiPAP recall where the FDA publicly called the recall effort into question, and an ongoing Medtronic recall for a dual chamber IPG circuit error where less than 50% of the devices have been addressed in the three years since the January 2019 recall event.

The launch of our CAREier communication platform comes while the company is achieving several key milestones. CAREier was selected as one of 1,000+ applicants into Newchip’s competitive accelerator program, we were accepted into the Microsoft Founder’s Hub program, and has successfully advanced the product beyond an MVP and into a 1.X status.

“CAREier answers a significant, long-overdue need. Device tracking and communications across the global healthcare ecosystem are mired in antiquated processes, diminishing quality of care, and negatively impacting every stakeholder.  Even prior to our service’s official launch, we have already received significant interest in our innovative service offering from across the industry.”

Ryan Bass – CAREier Founder & CEO

CAREier– Facilitating Communications Across the Complete Healthcare Ecosystem

A sophisticated, computerized communications hub, the CAREier platform aggregates and shares relevant device information from traditionally fragmented sources and works continuously to ensure communication links are current, fast, and secure.  The platform can track any device with a UDI throughout its entire useful life, from initial manufacture to explant.  It seamlessly integrates with an EHR to automatically associate a patient with a specific device. The CAREier platform replaces existing data silos as well as many traditionally disjointed manual processes, including communication through the postal system, with an advanced, automated system.

CAREier seamlessly captures FDA-mandated device tracking information from healthcare providers and other final or multiple device distributors.  Using CAREier, a device recall can be carried out in minutes.  Notifications are delivered immediately to potentially impacted patients, hospitals, and other relevant healthcare constituents, sparing patient harm, lives, and potential legal actions. Additionally, the platform tracks information the FDA may require from vendors for postmarket device surveillance. It also streamlines healthcare provider compliance with required patient information updates, supporting faster and more accurate device information flow throughout the healthcare system.

About CAREier

CAREier is the healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) tool for medical devices facilitating better communication and outcomes. Founded by healthcare regulatory expert, Ryan Bass, after discovering current processes related to medical devices aren’t effective when he was preparing a health system for 2015 certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) compliant for their 2019 submission to Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use Stage 3).

CAREier’s mission–and passion–is to facilitate the delivery of messages between hospitals, providers, device manufacturers, payors, regulators, and patients – thus impacting lives and making the world a healthier place for all. For more information, visit us at or contact us at (202) 571-6164 or


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