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We automate manual and labor-intensive processes, so you can spend less of your time on busy work and more time on your patients.
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A Framework for Streamlined Communication

CAREier’s medical device communication network allows Healthcare Providers and Hospitals to easily access important information about patient health and relay automated data to manufacturers.


As a hospital or surgery center, your focus is on caring for your patients. Sometimes this requires the implantation of medical devices such as pacemakers, spinal stimulators, or heart valves into your patients. After discharge and recovery, patients attempt to return to their new normal and move forward with life.

Many of the medical devices that you use to provide patients with lifesaving care are required to be tracked for their entire useful lives – and it is a complicated process. Multiple parties must be notified with different information throughout the product’s entire lifecycle, and this is often carried out on paper rather than digitally. This process is important, but falls outside of your normal workflow and is not central to your core focus of immediate patient care.

Though the patient has physically left your facility, your responsibility doesn’t end there. A number of the medical devices you use to provide patients with lifesaving care are required to be tracked for their entire useful lives – and it is a complicated process.

Regulatory Compliance

CAREier is a comprehensive medical device tracking and management solution that ensures compliance with a number of healthcare regulatory requirements. With CAREier, you can rest assured that devices are tracked from their manufacture and across the useful life of the device. CAREier’s unique integration into workflows allows for minimization of risk to the patients you serve both at your facility and after they leave.

CAREier’s innovative approach eliminates manual processes, such as paper and fax, from today’s current workflows riddled with manual processes and efforts. Leveraging our seamless and automated processes we protect brands, reduce costs, support better patient outcomes, reduce administrative burden, improve patient satisfaction and safety, and automate compliance with all device tracking regulations.

Healthcare Providers

As a primary care physician, you have a unique challenge of managing the overall health and wellbeing of each member of your patient population. This job is made even more challenging when you are not able to view all variables of a patient’s medical history – such as implanted medical devices. CAREier is a communication framework designed to give you access to this important information, including device type, function, lifespan, and more.

CAREier works to not only provide this information across different places of service but we also make that data actionable. Leveraging our services, physicians are able to not only secure all the specific information on one of their patient’s devices, but they are also able to be notified of a device recall pertaining to their patient population even if they have never purchased that device. As we re-imagine the way communication occurs between all the key stakeholders related to a medical device implant, you have easy access to information and are able to focus on your patient.

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