iRxReminder chooses CAREier for medical device support to empower patient population

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iRxReminder, a medication monitoring platform service, chooses CAREier, the revolutionary medical device communication company, to ensure its patients remain safe and independent.

Ryan Bass

“We’re thrilled that iRxReminder chose to partner with us to ensure they meet their mission to empower patients to greater stability and increase health agency revenue,”

Ryan Bass, CAREier Founder & CEO

Anthony Sterns, founder of iRxReminder, first met Bass through the NewChip Accelerator Program which connects new and experienced investors to business and real estate investment opportunities around the nation.

Dr. Anthony Sterns

“When our group shared what each of us was doing, I knew immediately that we needed CAREier’s device information tracking and notification services to ensure we always had a way to manage devices should they ever need to be exchanged or recalled,” Sterns says. “CAREier backs us up and gives us the ability to interact directly with customers and to act quickly as needed.”

Dr. Anthony Sterns, iRxReminder Founder & CEO

For example, if there’s a manufacturer’s component defect such as a motor failure in a specific lot of medical devices, CAREier is responsible for quick communication to those customers. It will also resolve the situation through a seamless medical device exchange.

Dr. Anthony Sterns

“CAREier’s software is exactly what we – and our customers need – for peace of mind when it comes to a fully functioning product to support their medications.”

Dr. Anthony Sterns, iRxReminder Founder & CEO

About CAREier

CAREier is the healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) tool for medical devices facilitating better communication and outcomes. Led by healthcare regulatory expert, Ryan Bass, CAREier addresses the gap in current processes related to medical devices. Health systems are now required to be 2015 certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) compliant for their submission to Promoting Interoperability (formerly Meaningful Use Stage 3) and the new requirements allow for a first of its kind process and solution.

CAREier’s mission–and passion–is to facilitate the delivery of messages between hospitals, providers, device manufacturers, payors, regulators, and patients – thus impacting lives and making the world a healthier place for all. For more information, visit us at or contact us at (202) 571-6164 or

About iRxReminder, LLC:

iRxReminder is a Cleveland, Ohio-based medication monitoring platform service provider focused on moving mental health patients from crisis to control by monitoring medication taking to achieve and sustain independence. It’s completely patient-centered and addresses accountable care and population-health-management goals, so patients can achieve high medication adherence. iRxReminder provides effortless monitoring of medication taking and triggers interventions by staff, as needed, to improve healthcare outcomes.

Additionally, the data from monitoring and intervention activities allows agencies to complete more reimbursable activities to help increase their revenue by up to 70 percent.

iRxReminder works with Harvard University, The University of Michigan Cancer Center, George Mason University, Case Western Reserve University, Kent State University, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Summa Health System. The company plans to evolve with FDA clearance of the iLidRx, its Internet of Things pill dispenser that verifies medication dispensing as a 510(k) Class II medical device.

The iRxCapture app, available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

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