Provide information and access data at every touchpoint of a medical device’s lifecycle with CAREier’s communication platform.
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Keep in Touch with your Medical Devices at
Every Point in their Lifecycle

CAREier’s medical device communications platform gives your company the ability to relay information to every touchpoint in the lifecycle of a medical device. Notify patients of recalls, automate data collection, improve effectiveness, and more!


Medical device manufacturers are providing innovative solutions to health management, with technology rapidly developing and new solutions developed every day! It is time that medical device communication and traceability catch up to the rapid development of innovation in this field.

If it feels overwhelming using brute force tactics to continuously update contact information for distributors, providers, and patients – you’re not alone! The manual processes impact the speed at which essential information is disseminated across the stakeholders (if they receive the information at all). I don’t like the phrase about developing. The only jump you can make is that we speed up the identification of device flaws, but we probably don’t want to highlight negatives on the website.

In the inevitable instance that a recall or field notice occurs, your company has to be sure you have the capacity to handle it properly. Data related to the recall has to be passed along quickly and accurately. Contact information within those manually maintained processes is often out of date, and important stakeholders like providers and patients never receive these important notifications.

CAREier’s medical device communication platform updates and maintains all this information, so a field notice or recall can be effectively distributed with the touch of a button.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare regulatory requirements (mandates from the FDA, ONC, and CMS) are complex and becoming more intricate and intertwined as advancements occur in healthcare IT. One area benefitting from these new regulatory requirements is medical device tracking. This is a shared responsibility among the device manufacturer, various distributors, and healthcare providers. Any failures in communication across the ecosystem can result in patient injury and even death.

CAREier automates the burden of device tracking requirements impacting manufacturers, while also delivering support across the device continuum to improve patient outcomes relate to medical devices. CAREier eliminates current manual processes, relying on paper and fax, through seamless and automated processes embedded in existing workflows. In the 21st century, it is long past time to take advantage of modern technology to solve this critical communication problem!

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