Meet the Team -Ryan Bass

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Founder & CEO Ryan Bass

CAREier was born out of the desire to save lives and improve medical device safety. CAREier started as a solely focused medical device recall solution and has since grown to a robust one-stop shop for imperative medical device communications, both to internal and external stakeholders. With functionality encompassing recalls, device shortage communications, device disruption communications, adverse event standardization for both internal users as well as patients, and automation of standards of care on devices such as IVC Filters, CAREier is a truly centralized approach for medical device safety, compliance, and communication.

From Saving Shots to Saving Lives

Ryan attended Rockhurst University in Kansas City where he was a three-year starting goalkeeper for the soccer team. After graduation, he began his healthcare career at Cerner working within regulatory compliance and population health constructs for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). After Cerner, he worked for several hospital systems before starting CAREier. 

Fun Facts

Ryan’s favorite meal is a special spicy cheese pasta that his wife makes for his birthday. He continues to play soccer in his free time, and his favorite movie of all time is Fight Club.  It might be that the narrator’s job as a recall coordinator aligns so closely with what he is doing today.  


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