Press Releases

CAREier Announces Apraciti, LLC as Cybersecurity Partner

CAREier Prioritizes Cybersecurity of Healthcare Data CAREier, the critical healthcare messaging innovator, today announced an agreement with Apraciti, LLC (Apraciti), a world-class cybersecurity consulting and services organization, to provide Cybersecurity capabilities for all aspects of CAREier's business. Under this agreement, Apraciti will be responsible for performing the duties of [...]

Matthew Swindells Joins CAREier Advisory Board

CAREier's Addition of Swindells a Marker of Global Intent CAREier today named internationally recognized healthcare expert Matthew Swindells to its advisory board. Swindells possesses decades of global healthcare experience and is a recognized healthcare IT and population health visionary. His addition will help guide CAREier's commercial launch and rapid [...]

CAREier Announces James Henry as Project and Knowledge Manager

US Army and IT Veteran joins CAREier to Support Early Adopter Clients   CAREier has announced James Henry as Project & Knowledge Manager, the innovative critical healthcare messaging firm announced today.  James Henry is a former Engagement Owner/Project Manager at Cerner which is one of the world’s largest Healthcare IT companies in the world.  As part of the CAREier team, James will be responsible for project and knowledge management initiatives as we [...]

CAREier Appoints Dr. Michael Hunt Chief Medical Information Officer

Experienced Healthcare Leader Joins the Executive Team CAREier, the critical healthcare messaging innovator, today named Dr. Michael Hunt chief medical information officer (CMIO). In his new position, Dr. Hunt will be responsible for strategic product planning, informatics data mining, quality reporting and customer engagement. Dr. Hunt combines an extensive [...]

NDHS Alumnus Ryan Bass Launches Medical Device Tracking Company CAREier

From soccer standout to inventor, business owner, and entrepreneur, Ryan Bass still thinks fondly of his time at Notre Dame and credits the level of education he received for helping him find success in his career. The Comeback Kid  A 2009 graduate of Notre Dame, Ryan Bass started day [...]

Dr. Zubin Pachori Joins CAREier as Director & Chief Medical Strategy Officer

CAREier Continues Substantial Growth CAREier today announced that Zubin Pachori, MD has accepted an appointment to the Board of Directors as well as he will serve as chief medical strategy officer (CMSO) for the innovative critical healthcare messaging firm. As CMSO, Dr. Pachori will lead strategic product research and [...]