Automating Communication in the Medical Device Ecosystem.
Saving lives.

CAREier is helping healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers improve quality of care and save lives by ensuring no information is lost. We provide a framework for seamless communication across the entire medical device ecosystem, connecting manufacturers, hospitals, physicians, and patients for the automated, immediate, and secure delivery of patient alerts, device recalls, device data, and more.

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CAREier was born out of a simple desire: to improve patient lives. We are committed to improving healthcare for patients, providers, and everyone involved in the medical device ecosystem by streamlining and automating the process of transmitting important information. Surprisingly, important messages from healthcare providers are often not received by the patient. In fact, thousands of patients every year experience health issues and even death when urgent information falls between the cracks. Our processes ensure that no information is lost at any step along the way.

CAREier has created a complete communication framework that connects medical device manufacturers, hospitals, physicians and patients for the immediate, secure delivery of patient alerts, device recalls, and more. Using our system, a manufacturer can issue a recall in minutes and notifications are delivered immediately to the hospitals and patients – improving healthcare and saving lives.

CAREier Faciliates Communications Among


Instantly notify downstream stakeholders about device recalls or improvements, automate quality assurance, and automate regulatory compliance


Enhance your ability to drive patient compliance against standards of care, know exactly when to remove expired or recalled devices for each patient, and automate delivery of regulatory Title 21 information back to the manufacturer.


Rest assured that you will be notified directly whenever your medical device needs attention, using the communication method of your choice – phone, text, email, mail, or in your patient portal. When CAREier is used as part of your continuum of care, your informed consent continues even after you have been discharged and recovered from the implant procedure. This means that you will always be kept up to date with your device, and able to make informed decisions about your health.

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Built upon a secure cloud platform, our communication framework is designed from the ground up for massive scalability. Leveraging Microsoft Azure’s ability to scale both application performance and database processing, we can handle heavy data traffic and large data set recalls with ease. The system can manage billions of device & patient records, and in seconds transmit millions of alerts via email, text, phone call, and instant messaging.


Communication surrounding medical devices is fragmented. Manual, ineffective processes cause tragic – and preventable – injuries and death. CAREier is revolutionizing the world of medical device safety and communication! Applying the latest technology to this decades-old problem, we have created a sophisticated tracking and communication platform that finally brings healthcare communication into the 21st century. With the ability to connect manufacturers, hospitals, and patients in real-time, there is truly nothing else like it in healthcare.


The security of the data and systems is front and center in our architecture design. Going well beyond the basics of encryption and firewalls, we deploy a full suite of advanced tools to protect the network and the data. Our systems are monitored 24×7 for attempted attacks or unusual traffic patterns. Penetration tests are performed consistently against our infrastructure and applications. CAREier systems are fully HIPAA-compliant and remain current with all patches and updates.

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Contact our team to see how CAREier's innovative platform can help you automate communication across the medical device ecosystem.
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