You CARE about patient safety.

And so do we.

Introducing CartCARE, a one-stop electronic solution to enhance cart fleet management throughout your healthcare organization.

Goodbye Manual

Cart compliance is more than just an audit. Proper cart management saves lives by ensuring sufficient supply of critical items.

However, current cart management practices are manual, time consuming, and prone to human error.

Hello Automation

CartCARE is a one-stop solution to proactive, automated cart management.

  • QR Codes: Allows for easy scanning and real-time documentation
  • Electronic Documentation: Validates correct supply, documents expiration dates, and completes daily audits
  • Auto Alerts: Notifies your staff of required actions

Safeguarding Patient Lives

Our top priority is always patient safety. You can expect the following benefits from CartCARE.

Clinical Benefits

  • Ensure cart regulatory compliance
  • Daily audit compliance increase by 20%
  • Eliminate paper and generate on demand reports for regulatory
  • Improve cart efficiency & reliability
  • Centralize audit requirements into one platform
  • Automate administrative tasks to replace carts or missing items

Supply Chain Benefits

  • Complete a restock in 5-7 minutes
  • Inventory visibility in carts to the device information (DI) level
  • Actively monitor ALL expiration dates and not just the next one
  • Automated notifications when items are near their expiration date
  • Streamline recall compliance
  • Reduce waste and see real-time item usage analytics

Pharmacy Benefits

  • Inventory visibility of ALL trays deployed in carts in the hospital
  • Proactive notifications and visibility of expiring medications
  • Streamline recall compliance
  • Ensure trays are checked and approved by your pharmacists
  • Tray/cart compatibility checks for improved patient safety
  • No relabeling of drugs required

Customer Testimonials:

Within 3 months of using the CartCARE solution:

  • Reduced weekly crash cart auditing time by 50 minutes
  • Reduced the number of expiration related audits related to non-supply chain items by 100%
  • Nursing improved daily audit compliance by almost 20%
  • Improved patient safety
  • Adopted a culture of reliable cart compliance

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